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Back To The Roots…

I was born in a big Indian punjabi family as a first child after two years of my parents marriage. Our family was a big joint family. My grandfather Mr Makhanlal Kohli was fourth child and eldest son of the family. My great grandfather Mr Sadh Ram Kohli belonged to Shinkiari which was in Hazara district near Mansera & Abotabad (now in Pakistan) in North West frontier provience region.
Most families here were punjabis and belonged to ‘Khukhrain Biradari’ a special cast of punjabis with almost twelve sub castes in it. Language of people here was punjabi but it was a very soft and high version of Punjabi.
Men and women of Shinkiari used to be very beautiful with sharp features.There were no schools here and children used to go to madrasas or in gurudwaras for learning. Where ‘Bhaiji’ a kind of priest of gurudwara used to give them basic knowledge. The language taught here were Urdu and Punjabi.
This was a very beautiful hill station full of natural scenic views with lots of streams which in local language villagers used to call ‘chashma’. Seprate streams were used by men and women for bathing.
Most of the time the village was covered with snow. During those months locked inside their homes women used to weave shawls and large bed spreads known as Bagh. The bright colours of embroidary were very attractive and eye catching. It was used in auspicious functions and was also given to a girl as gift at the time of her wedding.
My great grandfather lost his parents at a very young age of twelve years.Being an orphan now, he then started working for Ghanshyam Das and Saran Das two brothers who were big contractors of that area. Britishers ruling India used to give them contracts of forest clearance. My great grandfather was a very honest and trust worthy employee. He won the trust and hearts of Das brothers.
Once these brothers fell into trouble. They cut more trees then ordered by officers. As a punishment they got two years imprisonment. While they were in prison my great grandfather took good care of their business. With his hard work he took the business to new heights.
After their return the Das brothers found a flourished business and were very impressed by my great grandfather’s honesty. Out of love and reward they helped him to start his own business. He started his general merchant shop and soon with his dedication and hard work he managed to get its branches and two other shops of cloth business.
At the age of 28 he felt the need to get married and married an orphan girl of a village near Rawalpindi. She had two siblings a sister Sita devi and a brother Harikishan. My great grandfather took good care of both of them too…
Just as per his name he was a very simple, honest and big hearted man. He was very generous and kind too. Anyone who used to visit their village for business had to accept hospitality of my great grand parents. They used to provide free meals to even strangers, who used to come to that village. Haveli (a very big house) of Kohli’s was famous for its hospitality and generosity.
To be continued…

36 thoughts on “Back To The Roots…

        1. Though you don’t read much books…but keep reading just to encourage me. I planned to write small chapters so that readers won’t go bore. Actually I wanted to write a book for coming generations of our family. To leave glimpse of their ancestor’s journey and struggles. This is like rough notes for that.


          1. Your idea is awesome indeed . I must congratulate you.

            I would add up some addition to idea…When You complete the journey of the past as ancestors and your family as whole.

            Write one last chapter as inception of life on this earth , beyond and current scenario and of this world.

            Connect both ends and share wisdom about the life that entire universe indeed one from Adam to coming generation on this planet or in this universe or nature as whole.

            Start the string of your family and connect them with entire human kind or life on this earth as whole. This just an idea that struck to my mind the way you started about the known fact of your ancestors , you and coming generation. Until you don’t connect collection of drops with ocean . Journey is incomplete.

            Hence you got that capacity I have suggested you. I don’t know whether I am able to convey my idea to you or not but just a sheer suggestion.

            Hope you will ignore the idea….If it does not make any sense…

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            1. I guess I’m understanding what you want to say. I hope if I need guidance on this topic I can count on you. Though it will take time as I have not yet written the coming chapter still.


              1. Haha lol…
                I am laziest and busiest human on earth . I scare from responsibilities.

                But Yes you can count on me,

                Do I really deserve your confidence in me ?

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                    1. Few years back I was the laziest person in universe…haha! So I know it’s value. Though I don’t have that luxury now. So enjoy being lazy…sabke Naseeb mein yeh baat Kayan ? 😊


  1. I didn’t know that there is snow in India. My husband’s grandfather was in British Army stationed in India. My husband’s dad was born in India and went to school there until 19 years old. He went to English and got married in England. My husband’s big brother was born in England. Then they went to Australia, my husband and his sister were born in Australia…..

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  2. I think I am your not only reader but sort of editor…so you write wonderfully…it just seem am reading one of those classical authors like Twain or Dickens or Sarat Chandra…now 2 corrections…in 3rd para there is a typo…and the first of words like Punjab, Urdu shall be in capital…hope you don’t mind…

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    1. Arre not at all! Thank you so much for pointing it out. Going to correct it soon. These posts are like drafts of the book I want to write. So be there and help me improve. Thank You bro ☺


  3. Following this blog already but read this post just now. My grandfather and grandmother shifted from Pakistan to India during partition. I don’t know much about great grandparents though but they were jhangi Multani. My mother’s family and generally people look down upon Pakistani descendants Punjabi but this one thing we share too 😊

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