Many Moons Ago…

Yes, I remember it was a summer night. Year and month I don’t remember very clearly. I was almost six or seven at that time but not too sure.We all, my parents, my younger sister and me were sleeping at terrace of my maternal grandmother’s home. It was a very big house in a big building, where six families were inhabited. All six families were very close had warm relations with each other. During summers everyone used to sleep on terrace which was very spacious and big. We all were lying on cots. Adults were chatting, youngsters were talking, sharing jokes with a laugh. Everyone was happy and full of life. Those were days when people knew how to socialise in real sense.
After a couple of hours the loud talks reduced to murmurs. My father used to tell me and my sister bed time stories every night. They were actually lessons of history and from mythological Indian books, which he used to tell us without reading, making it very interesting. He was narrating some story that night too and I was listening while watching stars and moon above, something I used to do without fail every night.
Suddenly I lost the track of what he was telling and lost in the stars. Suddenly Stars started growing in size and became very huge. My background became blur and after a few seconds everything vanished from my sight. WOW!!! I was flying in universe but without my body. All alone! I was Colourless! Weightless! Formless! Slowly even stars and moon started disappearing. Now there was no up or down, no front or behind, no here and there,no end or beginning, no space or time, no direction, no colour nothing! Almost nothing and I was part of universe without even feeling that universe or feeling anything. There was a peace surrounding all over, inside and outside, though there was no inside or outside. I was one with it all, without any end or beginning, yet could feel my formless form, my shapeless shape. It is not easy to describe in words what I experienced. There was some mystic music flowing. That was a magical, mystical experience! It was state of NOTHINGNESS!
That is the only word I could describe it in. I don’t remember exactly how long I stayed there to experience it, as it was beyond time and space. Beyond senses and their perception. Beyond the mind and it’s boundaries. Beyond everything yet it was a completeness. I wish I could dwell there forever but I had to come back to share this precious experience many years later through this blog with some chosen ones! With you all and I believe there is a purpose behind it too, a grand one though we are unable to decode it yet but there is a purpose!
When I returned back to this illusionary world I felt a jolt, a current. My father was still narrating the story. I was too numb and speechless to utter a single word. I could feel the force of gravity and weight of my body. I wanted to go back in that Nothingness. The surroundings and every little murmur and other sounds felt like great noise to my ears. My own body weight seemed unbearable now. I was in cage again. I wanted to experience that freedom forever. I wanted to taste that bliss once again! But all I could see now were stars and moon smiling back to me; as if asking me- “How was the ride? Shhhh! Keep this secret to yourself! “
I very strongly believe this experience was a hint or clue or glimpse from The Universe to me. Either I had been there in some previous birth or it was an invitation to come back home, showing some promo and telling me the aim and real destination of soul. Showing me the way to home or was it; itself a home? Still have to discover…
But after that experience I lost my art of meditation, forgetting it completely for many many years…I never shared this experience with anyone till few years back. Many magical and mysterious things kept occurring in my life from time to time and I am ready to share it all now…Still this was the biggest out of body experience till now. Who knows how many more secrets are there to unveil! May be this was just door of that mystical world and that realm that still waiting for us to explore has much much more…
To be continued…

22 thoughts on “Many Moons Ago…

      1. Welcome mam . Sure, do right and keep writing . I would appreciate if you read my few post and gave me feedback . Now, I have started learning from others read krne k sath sath . Have a lovely dayπŸ˜ŠπŸ’

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