And The Story Begins…


Every life starts with a cry and every cry validates there is still life but every life deserves an end with smiles.

Till you are at peace and ready to accept the new beginnings and wave away endings of some endeavours with smile the journey should go on…

That journey between first cry and last smile is what life is all about!

I cried first time in this life on 2nd of August 1972. Hey! don’t even think I’m too old, since I’m not. Haha…I still live in my twenties or early thirties in my mind and heart. ‘Age is just numbers’- someone told me. I agree with this statement. Our thinking or I should say progressive thinking decides how old we are mentally and it sometimes reflects on physical appearance too.

So I cried like a baby with noise only in my early childhood days after that I grew up in a very calm and quiet person. There was some inner maturity inside even when I was two years old, that I still remember very clearly. I was not like other kids of my age. I was blessed with wisdom, which helped me recognise the difference between right and wrong even at that young age.

Universal mysteries were my great curiosities. I sensed at that innocent age of three that some bigger, magical force is there which is working all the time. Many times at night I felt someone is watching me from that enormous bright star lit sky. Before the birth of my younger sister who was born two years three months later, my true friends were stars, sky and its unsolved mysteries. Which was quite unusual for a child of that age.

I started practicing meditation at age of two without knowing that it was an advanced stage meditation. I still remember I used to sleep with radio on at my bedside listening songs (I had a great inclination towards music since childhood) and after switching it off I used to practice thoughts control process, wondering why my mind can’t be shut just like this radio. Where are control buttons of our mind. Then I used to try to go thought less for a few seconds. This went on till I reached age of 6 or may be 7. This was my secret as a child. More for since as a baby I was unable to explain it to anyone. I was wise inside my mind but explaining it to adults was not an easy task for me.

Then after practice of many years I reached the stage to go deep in it and then one night the magic happened…

27 thoughts on “And The Story Begins…

  1. Wow, you were a very wise child indeed. I was very chatty and curious about everything, to the point that my parents often tried to keep me quiet! I guess that worked out well for me now, I’ve learned to become curious about the mind through my love for psychology and learning about different cultures. Looking forward to more! ❀

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    1. Have you noticed we often see a glimpse of our future in seeds of our childhood. Being curious is indeed very positive sign for growth. I’m glad you find your passion soon.
      Thank you for your valuable comment here 😊

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  2. Starting from scratch is the one thing that impressed me, I knew you can connect beginning point with its end in single sentence but then it’s not going to be a story, you wanted to tell us, we want to hear.

    I know it’s going to be story of a lady till she takes last breath and her experiences.

    Meenakshi sethi , all the very best for your new chapter of new book.

    Regards and wishing you all success , happiness and peace.

    Lol it has turned out to be serious comment but I will keep on disturbing you with my all non sense.

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  3. Happy to know about the baby you I don’t remember my early childhood to that extent though just like you as told by my mom I was a very quiet and easy to handle kid. No tantrums no attention seeker and most of my childhood pics are with food in one hand and water bottle hung over neck or shoulder and a smile on face so I guess concept was clear that as long as you have food and water stay happy and blessed. Your age was a shocker since I thought you to be in early 30s so as you said age is just a number and like wine women become more interesting with age. Loved your post and these are more personal than poetry so loving the experience. Hooked on for more. Much love 😍

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    1. So glad to see you here Cherry! Yes I never hide my age, I’m not one of those women who gives you burning looks when asked their age. And I never understand why age is a matter of shame? This is our gained experience and we should be proud of that. 😊

      I too loved that till you have food and water stay happy, line. Wow! In comment section of my post keep sharing your life experiences too…I would love to read to know my soul friend better!

      Lots n lots of love ❀️ 😊

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    2. One more thing a hi to I’m just in mid forties, wait and watch me in my sixties…haha! Me and my close friend used to say when we were in school that we are going to rock in our sixties as we will grow old together. I’m waiting for that period…lol 😍

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      1. Like your spirit Meenakshi !!
        And 60s great. My mom just got retired on 30th June few days back, turned 60 on 1 July. She’s been busy all her life and now is free to pursue whatever she likes. I wish you and I also enjoy good health, love and peace in our 60s. In Stockholm, I see the locals are so active, happy and groomed even in their 70s or 80s. Their health expenses are borne by the government so they don’t have any worries. A 75 years old lady with wrinkles would also dress up in a knee length skirt and will have scarf, lipstick and sunglasses on. And will go to the mall to shop and enjoy life. I see people in same age group cycling or jogging at a pace that seems demanding for people at our age and energy. These people don’t stop living their lives because of mental blocks and I find it amazing. 😘

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        1. That is really something to learn from and very inspiring. We need to learn to love ourselves too. Don’t worry we will live our life in a grand style at that age too…I can visualise me and you enjoying our drinks( I prefer tea as I’m tea addict) 😊 and chatting non stop in our 70s I mean me in my 70s and you still younger than me 😍β™₯️

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          1. Count me in 70s too I am an old soul already and feel we are of the same mental age. Physical age and covering is just a number. Cheers ( tea wala) 🍻😘

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    3. The whole conversation of two of you made me recollect a line of Shiv Kumar Baltavi which goes something like this–when it is your time, it’s not mine….when it’s my time it’s not yours…

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